mobile webdesign albury

mobile webdesign albury

As of April 2015 websites that are not Mobile friendly will be hit hard by Google in the search engines.

If you website does not have a mobile version, then you are already costing yourself money in your business.

However if your website is mobile friendly, Google will reward your website above your competition.

You can use mobile marketing to grow your customer base and increase your revenues.

Not only that, with click to call, it’s easy to call your business. Interactive maps makes it easy to find your business.

We can help you with the following, all of which will make you money online:

Create a mobile-friendly website that can be found and viewed online by mobile phone searchers
Create mobile click to call ads in Adwords
Build your reputation online – specifically in review and restaurant sites where real customers actually look!

You don’t need to hear from us how big mobile is – just look around. Many people will stay on a phone call during their entire stay at your business, or just look at the amount of people on their phones walking the streets. Others will use their phone to do email and research online while they wait.

All of these people rely on their mobile phones to help them make decisions about where to spend money on your products and services…

We can help you stay in front of this trend and add both customers and sales to your bottom line.

If you want to test your website to see if it’s mobile friendly, use our mobile checker on our sister website:

Australian Mobile Marketing Agency 

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Also look at this website on your mobile phone.

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